Senior Profile – Jonah Smith '22
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Senior Profile – Jonah Smith '22

Since coming to Lausanne in seventh grade, Jonah Smith '22 has discovered various talents along with the interests that fuel him. While his experience has certainly impacted his identity, the ripple effect it had on the community around him has also been profound.

"Extracurriculars and clubs were the biggest influence in allowing me to discover who I was as a person and what my passions were," Jonah Smith '22 shared. "My friends also helped me a lot in seeing what type of person I wanted to be, as well as Lausanne helping shape me into who I am now."

Over the years, the Lynx senior has showcased his athleticism as a member of the Varsity Cross Country team. He joined his fellow Lynx performers on EPAC's stage for his role as Professor Plum in Clue, the Upper School Play, served as Class Secretary his junior year and participated in the Bridge Builders program along with various other student engagements. Jonah has also taken on prominent leadership positions as co-president of the Lynx Live Club and secretary of the Bee Green Club. 

"I feel like my contributions to the Bee Green Club and my position as secretary allowed me to contribute most to the school community, and I'm proud of that because I've been able to help make a difference at the place I love," Jonah shared. 

The senior's service to the Bee Green Club helped contribute in many ways, including conserving the bee population and creating a more sustainable campus. With Jonah's assistance, the student-led group built numerous gardens around campus, maintained a bee colony, and teamed up with Lausanne's Environmental Club members to enforce a bi-monthly cleanup initiative with the Wolf River Conservancy. 

Last summer, Jonah's environmental efforts spanned across state lines as well, when he spent the duration of his break volunteering with park rangers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to help conserve the national forests. 

"I am thankful for my time working in Wyoming and having the courage to put myself in a different environment without the resources I'm used to at home," Jonah said. "My time in Wyoming allowed me to help maintain the national forests and the public land, something I am very passionate about, not to mention getting to perform on water rescues, paddle and raft rapids every day." 

Remaining persistent with his service endeavors has been the key to making a difference, and the Lynx senior displays this same drive when it comes to his academics. As a full IB student, Jonah has a rigorous course load and a busy schedule. However, the senior has managed to thrive in his academics, earning him various awards and an induction into the prestigious National Honors Society. 

"The IB program has taught me to approach situations diplomatically and separate my own emotions from the problems I might face," Jonah shared. "I think the practice of following up when I don't understand something and talking to my teachers is a huge advantage that I've gotten from in my IB classes and at Lausanne in general, and I'll carry that with me in the future as well."

As for his college plans, Jonah is leaning toward the University of Tennessee to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering but has also received an acceptance to the University of Wyoming, DePaul, Rhodes and Michigan State.


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:00