Senior Profile – Marcus Cohn '22
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Senior Profile – Marcus Cohn '22

Through the support of his teachers, Lausanne senior Marcus Cohn '22 believes he gained the confidence to engage in many challenges and bring a unique presence to his classrooms.

"I believe that my teachers have always been very supportive of me throughout Upper School, and that is part of what makes Lausanne special to me," Marcus Cohn '22 shared. "I think I bring a presence to the classroom that is lively and engaged as well as productive."

Being a productive student has allowed Marcus to take on the full IB curriculum while gaining many academic achievements. 

"I think taking full IB and embracing the rigor of the curriculum will have more than adequately prepared me for my future endeavors, whether it be Undergraduate or Graduate school or life beyond," Marcus said. "An accomplishment of mine that I'm most proud of would be achieving a 36 on the ACT last year. While I'll admit the number itself is impressive, the more important thing to me was proving that, through hard work and motivation, I can do anything I put my mind to."

His academic motivation also led Marcus to success in his STEM courses, specifically in physics, which he says solidified his passion for pursuing a degree in that field. 

"I have always been interested in pursuing a career in the STEM field, but one class that solidified my interest was Physics. While the course material is interesting alone, my teacher, Mrs. Brown, does a great job of teaching it while keeping the class engaged and curious.

In the fall, Marcus will be attending the University of Miami, continuing his STEM interest by majoring in Biomedical Engineering and a pre-med track. 

As Marcus gears up for graduation and his next chapter, he's thankful for his time as a Lynx, saying: "Upon graduation, I will not only walk away with a world-class education but also some of my best friends, many of whom I've known for most of my 12 years here at Lausanne."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 08:26