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Senior Profile: Ryan Karchmer '19

Business has always been a passion for Ryan Karchmer ‘19, who is following in his father’s footsteps.  

“My father worked hard in college and eventually started his own small business,” said Ryan.  “He inspired me to go to business school because I want to carry on his legacy.”

“Lausanne has inspired me to search for opportunities to help those with lesser opportunities,” said Ryan.  “Being in such a diverse school has made me want to find ways to meet people I would not otherwise know.”

Ryan has spent his time at Lausanne preparing for his future and enjoying his journey as a student. Now that his senior year has come to an end, he reflects on his academic accomplishments and his favorite traditions like walking down the senior hallway, one of the senior privileges each year.  

“When you are a freshman, sophomore or junior you look down the hallway and see the oldest kids, hoping to someday be in their position,” said Ryan.  “Being a senior at Lausanne is something to be proud of and the hallway is just one of the perks.”

Now that Ryan has walked down the senior hallway for the last time and will soon walk across the stage at graduation, he can be confident that his time at Lausanne has prepared him to be successful in his future endeavors as he heads to the University of Michigan to major in business management.

*This senior profile was written by communications intern Isaac Weiss '19 



Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:07