Senior Profile – Sarah Kate Fisher '21
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Senior Profile – Sarah Kate Fisher '21

As a multi-sport athlete, talented artist and powerhouse in the classroom, Sarah Kate Fisher '21 had a distinct and memorable Lausanne experience. 

Over the years, Sarah Kate helped pump up her fellow Lynx school spirit from the sidelines as a member of the spirit committee while also assisting in the victories for multiple sports, including Varsity Swim, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Lacrosse and Varsity Soccer. The senior also was a member of the Big Lynx Little Lynx Club, participated in the Bridge Builders program and led the design process as Editor and Designer of the 2020-2021 yearbook.  

Sarah Kate's academic schedule was just as busy, but she believes her rigorous course load at Lausanne was beneficial. 

"I feel that the many programs at Lausanne challenge the students and every class is diverse," said Sarah Kate. "This was important to me as it forced me in a good way to work with more people on different projects, essays and more. I have developed better writing and social skills from working with others. My teachers helped strengthen my writing skills and opened up a new door of possibilities for my future."

The senior also feels the classes she took at Lausanne helped shape her future career track. 

"My classes have deeply impacted my decision on what I will be majoring in at college and have prepared me for the path I intend to take at Parsons School of Design," said Sarah Kate. "I love being able to take different classes, including the essential core classes. It's a great way to prepare for college. As a junior, I was enthusiastic about picking my own social science and science class, which has served to be an excellent fit for my path."

During her time at Lausanne, Sarah Kate pursued her interest in art through many different outlets, including yearbook design, product design and development, atelier and theater production. 

"All of my art courses provided at Lausanne changed my life and have made me discover who I truly am and want to become," said Sarah Kate. "I am very grateful for the art department and the opportunities I was able to discover at Lausanne."

As Sarah Kate gears up to walk across the stage at graduation and prepares to head to New York City for her next chapter at Parsons, she leaves her classmates with a few words:

"You will go through many changes and just know that it is perfectly ok. Don't beat yourself up over the smallest things or even what seems to be the biggest failures. Although it may seem like the end of the world, these mistakes will only take you in the right direction."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:20