Senior Profile – Shranav Palakurthi '22
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Senior Profile – Shranav Palakurthi '22

For Shranav Palakurthi '22, the world of technology has always been one of his biggest passions. Between exploring tech-driven courses, his role in Lausanne's VR Club and various extracurriculars, the Lynx senior has been able to take advantage of opportunities that allowed him to embrace and explore his interests fully. 

"I believe in the philosophy that you should "show, don't tell, and as the president of the Lausanne VR Club, I want to apply that to the latest form of media: Virtual Reality," Shranav said. "In VR, we gain the ability to tell stories and truly show people what the future holds. It's bright."


Shrenav's philosophy has been displayed through his coding talents as well, with his launch of Project Tracer, his first undertaking built from scratch, along with his contributions to Lausanne's Club IO. 

"At over two thousand lines of documented code, it's a contact tracing platform for people who don't have cell phones," Shranav said. "I wrote during the first pandemic summer, and I am very proud of Project Tracer. Aside from that, I think my greatest contribution to the school was through Club IO. We got the opportunity to teach the student body about embedded design and microcontrollers, which was something that I am extremely passionate about."

Along with forging new advances in technology, Shranav has found success in his academics.
"As a full IB student, the rigor in the curriculum forced me to completely rethink the way I schedule and plan my time," Shranav said. "Collaboration is key, and Lausanne prepared me to work in groups effectively. In all of my classes, I've been encouraged to learn with my peers instead of competing."

Shranav believes the rigorous curriculum and exploring his passions have prepared him for the future he's currently planning for himself. 

"I'm hoping to go to a nice engineering college, like Carnegie Mellon or MIT," Shranav said. "I definitely want to go into something related to computer vision. I'm thinking about a bachelor's in computer engineering and a master's in computer vision."

As Shranav wraps up his time as a Lynx and looks forward to life after graduation, he says there are certain things he'll always cherish about the Lausanne community.

"Lausanne's student body sticks out to me because they know how to get work done without taking themselves too seriously," Shrenav said. "As the saying goes – work hard, play hard!"

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 11:04