Senior Profile – Sophie Manis '21
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Senior Profile – Sophie Manis '21

Lausanne Senior Sophie Manis '21 made a promise to herself during her first semester at Lausanne. "I made myself a promise that I would immerse myself into the numerous communities that Lausanne has to offer and contribute my skills." 

Four years later, this ambitious and dynamic Lynx has taken Lausanne by storm and has left her mark on the student body. From quickly jumping into leadership roles as Secretary and President in her 9th and 10th-grade years to showcasing her natural abilities for the visual and performing arts, Sophie Manis has done everything to uphold that promise to her eager and excited freshman self. 

During her time in Upper School, the senior dived into Lausanne Upper School Theater and quickly dominated the EPAC stage. Sophie has participated in every production at Lausanne and currently serves as the Co-President of the Thespian Troupe. She has grown to love the family that is LUST. Sophie says, "Theater gave me the space to thrive in an artistic environment whose community is the tightest at Lausanne. It allowed me to form lifelong friendships with upperclassmen who served as amazing role models, and now I have the opportunity to do the same for underclassmen." As a member of the National Thespian Honor Society and recipient of the "Best Supporting Actress Award" for Incognito, the Senior has truly shined on the Lausanne stage. However, Sophie's artistic abilities span beyond the Theater as she has an exceptional gift for graphic design. 

As a junior, she served as the Vice President of the Design Firm CAS group. She began designing all of the play and musical posters for the Theater Department as she was eager for experience in a field that she enjoyed. In tying in her love for the arts and leadership, Sophie intertwines her role as Senior Class Secretary with creating innovative and unique content for the Class of 2021's Instagram page. 

As a full IB Diploma candidate, it's opportunities that allow for the combination of extracurriculars and passions that draws Sophie to the program. 

"The ability to personalize your experience in the program is my favorite," said Sophie. "My talents have always been centered around creativity and talents in the arts. With the ability to choose the topics that I wanted to focus on in my coursework, I could cater to what I was truly passionate about. For example, I have focused on business and art throughout the IB as it will be beneficial to me as I look to major in Graphic Design and a minor in business." 

In addition to her in numerous artistic and theatrical extracurriculars, Sophie is diligent and hardworking academically in the IB. 

She has earned numerous awards and honors for Excellence in IB Visual Arts HL Year 1 and Atelier and has been recognized by Scholastic Art, and Writing Awards for her painting works. Sophie has also been a member of the Upper School's Broadcasting team, Lynx Live, where she is currently the Co-President and Co-Anchor. 

As a member of nearly every subject honor society and the National Honor Society chapter at Lausanne, the senior is dedicated to her studies. They have given her invaluable skills for college and life. 

"The IB has put a strong emphasis on the concept of time management," said Sophie. "As someone who is heavily involved in Theater, leadership and art, finding the balance between those extracurriculars was essential to me over these 2 years in the program. The program has made me a more conceptual learner that comprehends better when I understand the real-world applications of topics that we learn in school." 

With admission offers from numerous universities and colleges, Sophie has chosen to attend Chapman University in Orange, California, where she intends to major in Graphic Design. While she may be a future Panther, she will always be a Lynx for Life in our community!

This senior profile was written by Justice Crawford '21.

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