Seventh Graders Showcase Slam Poetry Creations To Classmates
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Seventh Graders Showcase Slam Poetry Creations To Classmates

Seventh-grade poets showcased their art to classmates on Tuesday through video. 

In English class, the students shared slam poem videos that they made with their classmates. Videos included original spoken word poems written by the students in addition to images/animations and accompanying music.

Recently, seventh-graders read Brown Girl Dreaming, a memoir written in verse. To practice using poetic devices while exploring the themes of the book, each student wrote a slam poem exploring a topic related to either the feeling of inequality or feelings of inclusion. 

As part of the culminating project that wrapped up the poetry unit, the students studied a variety of poems to learn about how to structure and perform their poems. 

The writing process offered a time of self-reflection for the students and the performances made an impact on all in attendance.