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Sixth-Grade Brings Back Genius Hour

Mr. Lawrence's Genius Hour is back, and our middle schoolers have once again come up with some creative ideas. 

The sixth-grade teacher launched Genius Hour last spring and because of its success, decided to continue it with his class this year as well. The project-based program allows students to pursue their passions and develop a plan for serving their community through these passions.

The rules for the project are simple:

  1. You must start with a question. The question cannot be answered with a simple Google Search.
  2. You must find something you are truly passionate about. You cannot get bored of it after a week and be done!
  3. What is your end product going to be? What are you going to create that you can present to your classmates and others?
  4. How does your project help your community and the world?

"We have had some great projects come up, including one website titled “COVID Juniors” helping children navigate the new world of COVID," said Mr. Lawrence. "Another group has started a baking website to help students learn how to bake things from different countries. Other groups are creating a Co-Space of Lausanne’s Campus to give Virtual Tours, and more."

For Tahlia Hamze '27 and Maya Clark '27, they created their project with their Lower School friends in mind by building a kid-friendly COVID website. The sixth-graders wanted to provide a platform that younger students could easily navigate and understand so they could stay informed about what is happening in the world around them and how to stay healthy and safe. 

"Our website is going to help kids understand COVID 19 and how they can prevent the spread of the virus," said Tahlia. "We wanted to do something to help people in this pandemic and decided that we could make a website on it! We put a page on washing hands, how to wear a mask correctly, and more!"

Even though Tahlia and Maya have completed their project, they sixth-graders plan to continue updating the site while also building others.

"Our goal is to create more websites that give information about national emergencies and natural disasters," said Maya. "We want them to helpful and kid-friendly too."

The students were given this opportunity to work on their Genius Hour projects during Team Time, which is a block that can be used for homework and projects. Mr. Lawrence saw this time as an opportunity to allow the students to pursue their passions once they finished their homework. 

"It has been a great project and I have seen the students grow in their communication skills and problem-solving skills already, and we are only 3 weeks into the school year," said Mr. Lawrence. "It has been a wonderful start to the year!"

To see the website Tahlia and Maya made, visit:

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:01