Sixth Grade History Buffs Re-Create Historical Artifacts
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Sixth Grade History Buffs Re-Create Historical Artifacts

Our sixth-grade history buffs had the opportunity to express themselves creatively when they re-created historical artifacts in their Individuals and Societies class. 

Leading up to the project, the students explored the world's transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, focusing on the reemergence of culture, art, science and architecture from the Roman and Greek classical periods.


The sixth-graders had to research and choose a piece of Renaissance Art, Architecture, Scientific Discovery or Invention. After investigating the artifact's background information, they re-created it using cardboard and art supplies Lausanne's faculty donated to the project.  
Investigating is an essential part of the criterion for 6th Grade Individuals and Societies. For this project, students learned to utilize the proper resources and be selective about who and where they find the information. The students learned about primary and secondary resources and how an expert opinion is much more valid than someone who is not seen as a professional.

"As a teacher, it is important to understand that Art and History go hand in hand," said Sixth Grade Individual and Societies teacher Kyle Lawrence. "Throughout history, people have needed to express themselves artistically. I saw a spark in the 6th grade students this week in creating these projects. They ran into roadblocks and overcame them, they took risks and they paid off, and they learned a lot about their own time management skills. They also learned how incredibly talented the people were, even back in the 14th-17th centuries! It was a very successful project."