Sixth Grade Students Attend Public Speaking Boot Camp
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Sixth Grade Students Attend Public Speaking Boot Camp

To better prepare students for speaking in front of their class on a serious topic, sixth-grade Individuals and Societies Teacher Kyle Lawrence established a “Public Speaking Boot Camp” on Monday as a cooperative learning activity for his sixth-grade students.

Students walked a total of 10 stations, practicing various parts of public speaking. Stations included:

  • Citing resources within a speech.
  • Telling a joke.
  • Finding your voice in a conclusion
  • Hand placement while speaking.

As a part of the current unit of inquiry of “Human Rights All Over The World,” Lausanne sixth grade students have been studying and researching the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the United Nations. They have also discussed past historical figures who have fought for human rights all over the world.

"Part of this unit is to study and watch various speakers,” Lawrence said. “These speakers include Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Emmeline Pankhurst and Eleanor Roosevelt. Researching those speeches works into the students’ summative, which is a human rights speech.”

Students will be asked to research, write and perform a two to three-minute speech on one of the 30 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Communication is one of our approaches to learning, and being a good communicator is one of our learner’s profile traits,” Lawrence said. “The activity today familiarizes students with those non-verbal traits that help them become better speakers.”

At the conclusion of each station on Monday, students partnered up and gave each other constructive feedback on improving a particular skill. Feedback that will help them when it comes time to give their speech.

“My minor in college was speech communication,” Lawrence said. “I find being able to speak in front of a group such an important skill for our students to have. If there is anything I can do to help build confidence in this, I am happy to do it. I think it sets our students up for great success later in life.”

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 13:26