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Sixth Grade Tackles Tough Subject Of Human Rights In Unique Way

Each group stepped to the front of the class and acted out, without words, a basic human right that was either being put into practice or being violated. 

The first Unit of Inquiry for the 6th Grade Individuals and Societies class is Human Rights in a Global Society. As part of that, students have been comparing and contrasting the United States Constitution and the United Declaration of Human Rights Agreement.

"We have been reading about different circumstances when basic human rights have been violated," teacher Kyle Lawrence said. "Our culminating activity will be for the students to come up with their own Human Rights for their own country they’ve created for their Global Endeavors project."

As part of one class activity. the class played “Human Rights Charades.” Students acted out a human right using props available to them in the classroom. The rest of the class then attempted to guess the correct human right. That was followed by a discussion about what that right actually means and why it is so important.

"I like doing activities like this early in the year to help build camaraderie in the classroom and give everybody a chance to shine using their skill set," Lawrence said. "I also like to couple a heavy content lesson with a fun and interesting activity."