Sixth-Graders Create Unique Way To Remember The 13 Colonies
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Sixth-Graders Create Unique Way To Remember The 13 Colonies

Lausanne sixth-graders took their Lower School peers on an engaging journey through history recently when they taught them how to remember the order of the 13 colonies in a unique way.   

As part of their MYP Geography Unit, students learned about some of the "Absolutes" that students should know before leaving 6th grade. One of those absolutes is the 13 colonies in the order in which they were founded. 

To drive this learning home, Mr. Lawrence tasked the students with creating their own "13 Colonies in order" stories using mnemonic devices to help them, and then taught it to Lower School students to help them remember the colonies' names in order. 

The students used Powerpoint and images that they found on the internet and created a "Storyboard," and sent the presentations to Lower School classroom from PK to fourth grade, so their fellow Lynx could participate in the fun too. 

"This was a fun project to initiate the learning of the 13 colonies and help the students get their creativity flowing," said Mr. Lawrence. "It was especially fun to watch the students on-campus work with the students at home using shared documents and technology. It never ceases to amaze me what can be done!"

"I shared them with my class, and these little bits had so much fun with the puns and figuring out the colony names," said Senior Kindergarten teacher Rhonda Fullilove. "We are very impressed with the technology too! Thank you for sharing."

Check out the story example below from Ruby Gsanger '27 and Sophia Page '27 to see if you can guess the 13 colonies in order: 

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