Sixth-Graders Chat With Lynx Alum About His Lausanne Experience And Life Since Graduation
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Sixth-Graders Chat With Lynx Alum About His Lausanne Experience And Life Since Graduation

Preparing for a successful life after graduation is a familiar concept Lausanne students work towards daily. Recently, our sixth-graders had the opportunity to gain insight into some of the benefits challenging themselves now can have on their future when they chatted via zoom with Lynx alum Cameron Kinley '17.  

"I wanted Cameron to talk to the entire 6th Grade due to his incredible work as the Senior Class President at the Naval Academy and his leadership during a difficult time during Covid," said sixth-grade teacher Kyle Lawrence. 

Cameron spoke to the students about what empowered him to become involved in Student Government, his desire and passion for football, and being a leader in his community. He also discussed with the students his time at Lausanne, how much it helped mold him into the person he has become, and how it has shaped him into being the man he is today, preparing for the NFL Draft. 

"Cameron's speech was very inspirational," said Max Chi '27. "He reminded me how important it is to try my best now instead of waiting."

Noor Sandhu '27 said chatting with Cameron helped her see the need to enjoy the time you have while you are still a kid and focus on the process, and the results will come.  

"One thing that was inspirational was that he said he was kicked out of his comfort zone at Navy but didn't give up and kept on trying to do his best," said Noor. "He ended up getting the senior class president of his grade because he kept at it."

For Cooper Mears '27, Cameron is a personal hero. The two have established an excellent relationship and have kept in touch over the years. Cooper has even gone out to see him at school in Annapolis, so sharing this experience with his classmates was exciting for the sixth-grader.

"I'm so glad our students had the opportunity to hear someone's first-hand experience about life after Lausanne and the results of always trying your best," said Mr. Lawrence. "Cameron means a whole lot to all of us here at Lausanne and in the 6th Grade!"