Sixth-graders Hold Medieval Themed Classroom Tournament
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Sixth-graders Hold Medieval Themed Classroom Tournament

Holding a rubber band bow and paper arrow in hand, Atlas Altman '26 closed one eye and aimed toward the red and green solo cups stacked in front of him.

With a swift pull of the band, the sixth-grader launched the arrow toward his target. The classmates who were gathered around him erupted with cheers as it soared into the cups, knocking all but two off the table. 

Sixth-grade teacher Kyle Lawrence high-fived Atlas and congratulated him on his shot as the next student moved to the starting line to test their archery skills. 

The sixth-graders have been studying the Medieval period as their newest Unit of Inquiry. After researching and learning about the purpose of tournaments during that time, Mr. Lawrence decided it would be fun to hold their own. 

"The students learned that the Medieval Knights held these tournaments to prepare for battle, have comradery with fellow knights and enjoy a little healthy competition," Mr. Lawrence said. 

Using paper, rubber bands, pool noodles and other make-shift materials, the students participated in archery, jousting and sword fights.

"Our goal was to honor knights of the medieval period with a day of fellowship and competition," Mr. Lawrence said. "The winner of each competition received a certificate the represented the Knight of Honor for that particular event."

Along with the tournament, the students have been learning about the Knight’s Code of Chivalry, and even sent letters to our troops thanking them for showing the same bravery and courage that the medieval knights would have.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:06