Sixth-Graders Inspired To Spread Kindness
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Sixth-Graders Inspired To Spread Kindness

A group of sixth-graders proudly grinned as Ms. Pirani walked around the STEAM Lab snapping pictures of her students as they held up their finished project.

Their creations varied from water bottle to canvas bags to sweatshirts, and each one was marked with a self-designed symbol and a quote about kindness.

Over the summer, Ms. Pirani’s class read the book “Wonder” as a part of their personal precepts project. The book is filled with words to live by that encourage kindness, motivation and reminders to be true to yourself. In class, the sixth-graders had the task of researching and choosing three of their own favorite precepts and writing about the role they play in their lives.

“When the students chose their personal precepts, one had to remind them to be kind, another had to remind them to stay motivated and the third had to remind them to be true to themselves,” said sixth-grade teacher Maria Pirani. “They wrote a three-paragraph essay and created a symbol and design for their favorite of their three precepts.”

As a way to help spread kindness, the sixth-graders turned their creations into tangible items by putting their symbol and design on an object of their choice in the Middle School STEAM Lab.

“Their objects serve as daily reminders for them to choose kindness,” said Ms. Pirani. “It has been awesome watching their faces light up once their creations were complete!”

Mrs. Bullard, the Middle School STEAM Lab Instructor, gave the Middle School class complete creative freedom with their objects and helped them bring their designs to life, which resulted in finished products that reminded them of kindness made them proud.  

"I like that the project was about kindness,” said sixth-grade student Tuere Payne. “I liked learning about different meanings of the precepts and ways to spread kindness."