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SK Takes Trip To Memphis Botanic Garden

Senior Kindergarten (SK) took a trip to the Memphis Botanic Garden to explore, hike and learn about sharing the planet.

The field trip went along with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) unit, Sharing the Planet, the students are currently working on. 

"The central idea of the unit is living and nonliving things go through change," senior kindergarten teacher Cristy Buziak said. "Students learn that animals can be classified into groups, living things have wants and needs and living things have life cycles."

Students will be hatching chicks in a few weeks and they took time on the field trip to learn about other animals that are oviparous (hatch from eggs). 

It was also a chance to get students outside the classroom and see the things they are learning in class in person. 

If you would like to explore Lausanne, our next Early Explorer experience is May 1. Make plans to bring your little ones to a special hands-on experience in the Lausanne library and explore how enhanced literature, language, art, music and science studies in Early Childhood and Lower School create greater connections for students in the classroom and a stronger knowledge base for success in upper levels of study. Activities include story time and a special activity followed by time playing in Lausanne’s new Outdoor Discovery Center.

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Click here to see a Facebook album of photos from the day.