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Sophomores Showcase Personal Projects

Lausanne upper school sophomores displayed their hard work in the Lausanne Dining Hall last week as they showcased their Middle Years Programme (MYP) personal projects. 

Students worked on their MYP Personal Project all year. The projects are the capstone piece of their MYP education, similar to how the capstone of the Diploma Program (DP) is the Extended Essay.  

Students chose their projects based on their own personal interests and/or the skills that they wanted to work on.  

"We’ve had a diverse set of projects this year," Upper School Social Studies teacher Collin Libassi said. "It is amazing to see the work these students have done."

Just of few examples of the projects included computer coding, creating apparel and accessories, writing novellas and creating animation.  

"The project showcase is the day where all of the sophomores display their work to fellow students, parents, and teachers to celebrate the work that students did over this year," Libassi said. "It is a chance to explain to people what you learned through the process, what successes and failures you experienced and just sort of show off something that you may be really proud of."