Standing in Solidarity with the Asian Community
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Standing in Solidarity with the Asian Community

The Lausanne community is horrified by the events in Atlanta earlier this week. The shooting of multiple Asian American women on Tuesday is the most prominent example of the rising level of violence and discrimination directed against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. As a community committed to empowering students to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect, we stand in solidarity with those that call to Stop Asian Hate.

Over 10% of Lausanne's student body identifies as being of Asian descent. Ensuring these students and their families know they are a valued and loved part of our community is imperative during this time. 

Lausanne strives to create a microcosm of the world that gives students from different backgrounds the ability to learn to work together. But as we realized last summer after the murder of George Floyd, we must work not only for equality, but also for inclusion. 

Lausanne's Diversity and Inclusion Task Force was formed to further support diversity and inclusion on our campus, and the pain of this most recent attack reinforces the importance of their work. The group is holding an emergency meeting this afternoon to find tangible ways for our community to further stand together against Asian hate and bigotry. If you'd like to share your thoughts, please take a moment to add your voice on our website.

Also please remember counseling is available to all students at Lausanne. If your student needs assistance processing these events, please let us know how we can help.

Thank you for your support of our community as we continue to confront bigotry, racism and xenophobia and ensure Lausanne is a safe, diverse and inclusive place for all.

Stuart McCathie
Lausanne Collegiate School