Student Government Connects With Freshman Advisories
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Student Government Connects With Freshman Advisories

To connect with and welcome our newcomers to Upper School, the Student Government at Lausanne hosted introductory meetings with freshmen advisories. 

The student-led organization decided to use their lunchtime for a week to meet with each group to discuss what it means to be a part of SGA, student leadership, and getting involved at Lausanne.

"We know that it might be a bit more difficult for students to connect with their peers as they might have before the pandemic, but even more so for freshman entering their first year of high school and are new to the Upper School system," said co-president Ali Devji '21. "As the SGA, we recognized this and started meeting with the freshman advisories to introduce ourselves and clarify how parts of the Upper School functions."

The group also wanted to ensure their fellow Lynx knew they had friends in SGA that could help as they make the transition to Upper School and moving forward. 

"To make the Class of 2024 feel a bit more welcomed, the SGA team wanted to introduce ourselves and acknowledge the unusual situation that we are all facing," said Jad Hamze '21. "Through meeting with the freshman advisories, we hope that they feel a little bit more accustomed to the Lausanne Way because throughout my underclassmen days, Lausanne felt like a home, and I want to make sure they feel the same way about the community." 

The student government at Lausanne is responsible for governing student interests and advocating for their concerns, providing support and recognition for Lynx organizations and serving their peers by hosting activities and events that enhance campus life.

"It is SGA's job to make sure that all community members feel welcomed at Lausanne, and it is essential to us that the freshman class feels at home here," said vice-president Anne Rack '21. "I have always looked up and felt welcomed by my SGA leadership, and I hope the freshman class can do the same with us!"

Members of SGA who met with students include co-presidents Ali Devji '21 and Jad Hamze '21, vice president Anne Rack '21 and secretary Skylar Harts '22.

"It's so amazing to see our student leaders taking the initiative to be inclusive with our lowerclassmen," said Upper School Counselor Mrs. Samantha Douglas. "We have an incredibly hard-working group of kids in SGincredibly, innovative and creative, even in times of uncertainty." 

"I'm incredibly proud of our SGA leadership," said Dean of Student Affairs and Inclusion Mr. Chris Jordan. "They are intentional in their approach to inclusivity. I appreciate their willingness to build connections and interact with the lowerclassmen."