Students Bring Eighteenth Century To Life With Art Project
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Students Bring Eighteenth Century To Life With Art Project

Lausanne art students in the sixth grade began a sculpture project inspired by Marie Antoinette's eighteenth-century wigs in which they utilized paper as the primary medium.  

The class, consisting of eight girls, viewed works created by Russian artist Asya Kozina. Kozina creates lavish wigs and clothing inspired by the eighteenth-century using white paper. Her works are showcased in galleries and fashion shows in Russia.  

After the research, the students were inspired and very excited to design their very own wigs.

The students created a wig design that would best fit their personality and began the process of building an armature (an underlying, unseen, supporting component) as the foundation.

"The application of white paper and layering strips allow the fullness of the wig to come to life," said middle school art teacher Geri Floyd.  

Each student then created and applied flowers, ribbons, bows or curls to enhance the look of a wig that each of them was inspired to bring to life.

"All the girls had a great time transforming sheets of white paper into a glorious and regal crown that any queen would be proud to wear," Floyd said.