Students Celebrate Becoming Stronger Readers
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Students Celebrate Becoming Stronger Readers

In honor of first grade wrapping up one of their most recent PYP units of inquiry, the students held a Reader's Celebration.

First-graders have been practicing good reading habits and learning strategies to help them work through hard words as a part of their Reader's Workshop curriculum.

"We loved having a Reader's Celebration to give them recognition for all the hard work to become stronger readers," said first-grade teacher Christina Mewborn.


To celebrate, students opened gift bags with small stuffed animals representing their newly adopted reading buddies.

"The first graders were excited to meet their reading buddies," said first-grade teacher Robin Pohlman. "After introducing themselves, we turned off the lights and the boys and girls used flashlights to read to their new friend."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 15:28