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Students Honored With Duke TIP Recognition

The Duke TIP Program is a non-profit organization that aids gifted students assess the extent of their academic abilities with above-grade-level testing, recognizes them for their achievements, and provides them with a variety of enrichment benefits as well as accelerated face-to-face and online educational programs. Students qualify for the 7th Grade Talent Search by scoring at or above the 95th percentile on the ERB subtests. Students who were awarded Duke TIP recognition in the fall of 2018 had the opportunity to take the SAT or ACT.  

The following students participated in the advanced testing and because of their scores were offered opportunities to participate in summer programs offered by Duke TIP.  Based on their scores, students were awarded State and Grand Recognition. 

State Recognition: Zair Barlow '24, David Burnham '24, Will Carter '24, Zayyan Chaudhry '24, Nate Dattel '24, Ryon Ghodoussi '24, Jonathan Goldfeder '24, Conner Magdovitz '24, Mackenzie Mink '24, Mason Morris '24, Isabel Sorenson '24, Rhea Sumpter '24, and John Michael Treadway '24.

Grand Recognition: Gabriella Graves '24, Shromona Malhotra '24, and Krishnav Manga '24.  

The students below have qualified for the Duke TIP Program based upon their ERB scores for 2019: Kaylee Alford '25, Ezra Baer '25, Abi Battini '25, Jacqueline Beeber '25, Ada Dukes '25, Haris Farooq '25, Naji Ghandour '25, Nick Hoffman '25, Nick Holland '25, Elisa Hurtado '25, Aiden Johnson '25, Ethan Johnson '25, Emma Kerr '25, Ashlee Kohanbani '25, Roju Miller '25, Peter Morrison '25, Finn Murphy '25, Kai Norris '25, Hugh Parker '25, Jackson Reeves '25, Noel Staub '25, Kabir Syali '25, Ryan Terry '25, Will Timmons '25, and Andrew Vo '25.