Students In Newspaper Club Share Inside Scoop On Beloved Teacher
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Students In Newspaper Club Share Inside Scoop On Beloved Teacher

This "Teacher Feature" was shared by students in the LynxLink Newspaper Club. Click here to view the original story and to see more of their articles.  The interview was done by Minaal Khan '20 and the article was organized for the Lynx Link student newspaper by Zoe Hamblen '20.

Mr. Wilson, one of the two 12th Grade English teachers, has lots more to share than just literary analysis! In this article, the LYNXLINK went on a mission to discover all the interesting facts about Mr. Wilson – his background, music taste, and many other fun facts that may have been ambiguous to many students. Well, not anymore! 

Keep reading for the inside scoop on T-Willy.

Born in a small town in Northern California called Red Bluff, Mr. Wilson has traveled all over the world. Before teaching at Lausanne, he taught high school in Surabaya, Indonesia, and even lived in Japan for many years. 

When he was ready for a change, he found himself interviewing at Lausanne.

If you are in one of Mr. Wilson’s classes, you know about his love for accents. He loves to use it to accentuate certain parts of a book. His favorite accents include southern, upper midwest, and Indian. Underclassmen, you have a lot to look forward to when it comes to in-class reading with Mr. Wilson!

Mr. Wilson also has a very detailed list of his favorite things. His favorite band may or may not come as a surprise to you – it’s ACDC! – and his favorite songs are “Highway to Hell” and “Back in Black." His favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark, a Stephen Spielberg movie where the main character attempts to beat the Nazis to an important religious relic. When asked his favorite war, Mr. Wilson exclaimed excitedly, “There are so many good ones," but if he had to pick one, it’d be the Second World War because several of his relatives fought in it, and the aftermath was fascinating.

As to what decade he would want to live in if he had the choice, Mr. Wilson answered either the '20s or the '50s. Mr. Wilson described how he thought the mid-’60s were a golden time in America, regarding its aesthetic design, style, fashion, and architecture. If he could live in the '60s, Mr. Wilson says he would buy lots of clothes and bring them back to 2019.

If Mr. Wilson had the chance to meet any famous person, he would choose Abraham Lincon or one of the Caesars from Ancient Rome. He did note, however, that if he were to meet one of the Caesars, he wants to be invisible and merely watch them, because if he was visible they would enslave him.

See a few more of Mr. Wilson’s responses that you may be interested in below:

Relations with Mr. Lemay?  
Although they haven’t talked in two years, Mr. Wilson was on his podcast!! Almost an hour and fifty minutes long, the podcast episode was named “Welcome to the Teachers’ Lounge." Mr. Lemay’s a busy man! Mr. Wilson is happy to have been such good friends with him even with their age gap. 

One piece of advice for college?  
Let common sense be your guide. Be careful about following your dreams. Find a path that makes you happy, but also that gives you skills you can apply in a competitive job market, so you can be a productive citizen. Think about the future, financially – don’t borrow too much money with student loans. Make sure what you end up doing can be a promising career path. In reality, with the time, effort and money put into college, you’ll want to walk out of there with connections. When you are there, take advantage of every connection you can make and meet all the people you can – use your people skills, so when you leave, you have both a paper qualification and the skills you need for life. Don't go out there and just follow your dreams, balance your dreams and realities. Fuel your dreams, but every dream-come-true is fueled by some sort of reality like hard work and skill. That’s what makes your dreams come true. Lastly, make friends! Don’t be an introvert. Just go out there and give it all you’ve got.

Thank you so much to Mr. Wilson for allowing us to interview you as well as publish this article featuring you! We had a lot of fun reading all the responses and putting this article together. Seniors, we hope you were able to find out some more interesting facts about Mr. Wilson, and underclassmen, we hope that our article showed you how much you have to look forward to in senior-year English.