Students Learn How To Make A Difference As A Part Of Black History Month
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Students Learn How To Make A Difference As A Part Of Black History Month

Students at Middle School convocation on Wednesday were told about different places and events in the city of Memphis that they could spend the remainder of the month helping out at or volunteering for as the school continues to celebrate Black History Month.

During the presentation, Assistant Head of Upper School Chris Jordan and Diversity and Inclusion committee president Ariyana Muesse ’22 told students about the many ways to support Black History Month, including:

  • Absorbing Media
  • Reading Books by African-American Authors 
  • Watching movies and television shows with black representation
  • Supporting black-owned businesses
  • volunteering time, money and support to notable organizations

“Our goal is to give these students some opportunities and ways that they can volunteer,” Jordan said. “They can then take the step of learning and then applying what they learned to make a positive difference in their communities."

The presentation included the history of Black History Month and the history of Black History in Memphis, including Orange Mound, the first African-American community built for and by African Americans. Black-owned businesses and places to visit within the city were also presented, with students being encouraged to visit and support them. Those included: 

  • The Four Way (the oldest soul food restaurant in Memphis, around since 1946)
  • Cupcake Cutie (a build your own cupcake bar in South Memphis)
  • Sage (a "fusion soul" restaurant that serves ethnic spins on classic soul food)
  • Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum (826 N. Second St.)
  • The National Civil Rights Museum (450 Mulberry St.)
  • The Withers Collection Museum and the W.C. Handy Museum (Beale Street)
  • The Stax Museum
  • The Evergreen Theatre (1705 Poplar Ave.) will host Afro-Latina Night on February 18 from 7:30-9:30 p.m.
  • Benjamin L. Hooks library will host an event by BCBA (Black Children's Books and Authors) on February 19 from 2-4 p.m. at 3030 Poplar Ave. 

“So often there is a disconnect because there is no understanding,” Jordan said. “It is our job to help the students bridge that gap.”

The presentation ended with some students telling their fellow classmates that they had visited some of the places mentioned, sharing how those visits changed them.

Video of the Middle School convocation can be found here.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 12:03