Students Learn Impact Of Their Digital Lives As Part Of Digital Citizenship Week
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Students Learn Impact Of Their Digital Lives As Part Of Digital Citizenship Week

Lausanne students are learning the importance of being a good online citizen by participating in this year's Digital Citizenship Week, observed October 18-22.

The goal is to encourage students to reflect on how their digital lives impact their social and emotional well-being by challenging students to daily activities, promoting digital citizenship in the community and building an online citizenship roadmap. Students will evaluate and analyze online information throughout the week and engage with others on digital platforms safely and respectfully by focusing on five specific areas: Privacy and Communication, Cyberbullying, Media Balance, and News and Media Literacy.

Lausanne's Director of Academic Technology & Innovation, Amy Brownlee, is helping equip faculty with daily tips, like creating strong passwords, sharing information online and how apps on your phone are tracking you.

"Students may not know how to be safe online," Brownlee said. "It is important for the students to understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to online data."

As part of the CIS accreditation, the Academic Technology Committee at Lausanne has created the following definition of digital citizenship for our school: "A Lausanne Digital Citizen is someone who is able to think critically about the opportunities and challenges of the digital world and use technology responsibly to communicate, learn, create, and participate on a global stage."

"Our digital footprint is nearly impossible to erase," Brownlee said. "It is important for students (and adults) to understand the impact of what they do online on a daily basis. Who we are online is also important as it can influence future applications, employment, and financial opportunities."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 11:28