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Students Take Visitors On Journey As Part of Their Living Museum

On Wednesday, the Lausanne Gym transformed into a museum featuring the lives of political, historical and sports figures as the Lausanne seventh graders held their annual Living Museum. 

While walking through the exhibit, you could speak with political figures such as Donald Trump, sports icons such as Allan Iverson and cultural figures such as Elon Musk. Thurgood Marshall, Jane Goodall and Jonathan Ive were also represented. 

"Students researched their character and evidence and created an interview with their character that related their evidence to the side of the essential question they were proving," seventh-grade teacher and student life coordinator Julie Cooper said. 

While visiting with each student, visitors were able to learn about each of the characters they had chosen. One even had the unique opportunity to share information about the figure he had chosen to the figure he had chosen. 

Antonio Coleman, Jr. '24 chose NBA player and Lausanne dad Zach Randolph as his Living Museum figure, selecting him because of his work in the city of Memphis helping the less fortunate. 

As luck would have it, Zach was in town and had come to hear his own daughter's presentation. 

So impressed with the presentation of Antonio, Randolph pulled his phone out and recorded the presentation himself. Afterward, he signed Antonio's jersey and posed for a photo with him. 

In total, the Living Museum featured 62 different "characters" on display. 

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