Students Turn Into CSI Investigators For Classroom Project
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Students Turn Into CSI Investigators For Classroom Project

Lausanne students are always looking for ways to apply their skills learned in the classroom to real-world situations. 

This past March, Brooke Hoffman’s eighth-grade science class did just that. The students participated in a mock criminal investigation as a culminating project for their unit on “The Nature of Matter.” With utilizing the scientific method, lab techniques and their own background knowledge of science, students were able to collaborate and work to solve the mystery of a fictitious crime by forming evidence-based conclusions.

Some of the scientific techniques used involved collecting trace evidence, analyzing suspect bios and completing a series of forensic labs, such as paper chromatography and white powder analysis.

Hoffman hopes believes students will benefit immensely from the project. 

“By participating, I feel it helps the students make connections between the chemistry content they are learning, the laboratory skills they are practicing, and how it is applied to the world outside of the classroom,” Hoffman said. 


This article was written by communications intern Justice Crawford '21.