Tenth-Grade Students Take On French Revolution With Role-Playing Exercise
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Tenth-Grade Students Take On French Revolution With Role-Playing Exercise

A group of Lausanne tenth-graders stepped back in time recently during a role-playing experience that transformed their MYP History classroom into a scene out of the French Revolution. 

As part of their formative assessment for the class, Upper School Social studies teacher Randall Siefker assigned students a role based on a real character from the French Revolution and challenged them to research, write and deliver a persuasive speech for the reenactment. 

While portraying their characters, students chronicled the French Revolution's timeline of events ranging from the French citizens' discontent with the poor economic policies of King Louis XVI to the upheaval that redesigned the country's political landscape to the death of the king and his wife Marie Antoinette, who both met their end by guillotine.

"The students loved the activity," Siefker said. "They really got into it, arguing on behalf of their Estate (Segment of society) or to save their lives in the case of the King and the Queen."

Participating in the role-playing exercise helped students better understand the major events that occurred over a decade from 1789-99 in France while also learning and practicing the techniques of delivering a persuasive speech. 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 12:35