The Primary Years Programme in Kindergarten
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The Primary Years Programme in Kindergarten

This article was featured in the Fall 2018 Lausanne magazine and gives an example of the Primary Years Programme curriculum for our Senior Kindergartners. 

Springtime at Lausanne means birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and chickens are hatching.

Watching the baby chicks hatch has become the norm for our Senior Kindergartners and a tradition students look forward to.

As part of the PYP’s Sharing the Planet unit of study, students investigate life cycles and the wants and needs of living things. Watching eggs hatch and building an environment for the chickens to thrive creates a hands-on experience for students to utilize what they have learned.

 “Each year we order eggs and incubate them in the classroom for three weeks,” said SK teacher Krishna Andrews. “After we spend a few weeks caring for the chicks, we send them to a forever home.”

The chicken-hatching project gives students the opportunity to watch chicks grow into full-sized chickens and to learn about the benefits chickens provide our ecosystem.

By learning about chickens’ impact on the environment, the Senior Kindergarteners discover their own ways to positively contribute to the world around them.