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The IB Diploma Programme in 12th Grade

Moving into senior year at Lausanne, students reflect on their journey so far, and look forward to the future. The DP helps show them a path ahead after graduation.   

 “The DP is great for college applications, because our students leave Lausanne knowing how do a rigorous research paper, they have participated in a seminar-type classroom and they have learned to balance extra-curricular activities with academic life,” said Rocio Rodriguez Del Rio, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator. 

Madeline Culbreath ’19 agrees that managing the DP while being involved in numerous extra-curricular activities is worth it. because of her college goals. The senior plays soccer, runs track, is captain of the lacrosse team, is president of the Spanish club, is involved in HOSA and is the student coordinator for volunteering in the Upper School. But she knows the completing the Diploma Programme will set her apart from other college applicants. 

“My number one school I am applying to, Georgetown, has a much higher DP acceptance rate than non-DP students,” said Madeline. “My workload has been challenging, but you just have to find the time to work things out and complete your work.” 

The DP helped open doors for Madeline, and she is appreciative for what is offered through the program.  

“I am writing my extended essay in Spanish on poetry, because I love learning about the Spanish language and reading poetry,” said Madeline. “Being a part of the DP has given me the opportunity to explore things I might not have been able to before.”  

Through the DP, students like Madeline, are offered the chance to excel, have more options when choosing a college and continue to grow as life-long learners.  

*This article was also featured in the 2018 Fall Lausanne Magazine 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:57