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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in 11th Grade

When Lausanne students reach their junior year, the Diploma Programme (DP) presents an opportunity for students to expand their learning horizon and prepare themselves for college.  

As a part of the DP, students take six classes and participate in three extra components that offer a challenging, but beneficial academic experience:  

  • The Theory of Knowledge, a seminar-type course, where students explore the way a human being learns 

  • The CAS project, a two-year program, where students are involved in activities that are creative, active and service oriented throughout the length of the project  

  • The Extended Essay, a process students start as juniors and finish senior year  

The DP creates a rigorous learning environment. For Sophie Faughnan ’19, it is a challenge she is prepared to succeed in.  

“For the DP, I am taking five higher level courses, which is both scary and exciting at the same time,” said Sophie. “I love that the DP allows you to choose classes you a passionate about. I have a new motivation going into the next two years, because I have been given the opportunity to excel in what I want to do in life.”  

Along with Sophie’s academic endeavors, she is junior class president, in charge of planning the junior-senior banquet, filming the junior-senior video and involved in theater.  

“I wanted to take this year to challenge myself in a leadership position, but to successfully balance everything and improve myself,” Said Sophie. “I think when you go to a school like Lausanne that works to encourage its students, it helps you so much more than you can imagine.”  

*This article was also featured in the 2018 Fall Lausanne Magazine 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:49