The Job Of Keeping Lynx Healthy A Labor Of Love For Lausanne Athletic Trainers
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The Job Of Keeping Lynx Healthy A Labor Of Love For Lausanne Athletic Trainers

National Athletic Training Month is held every March in order to spread awareness about the important work of an Athletic Trainer. Here at Lausanne Collegiate School, we are lucky to have two of the best as a partnership between the school and OrthoSouth.

In his seventh year at Lausanne, Director of Sports Medicine Outreach Marty Scuggs provides coverage to every sports team on Lausanne’s campus. With over 20 years of experience with high school athletes, you can find him on the sidelines at most varsity sports on The Lausanne campus. He has also worked with pro teams and pro athletes as well as college athletes.

But that is only part of the job. Scruggs provides pre-season and post-season testing for athletes as well as general maintenance.

This year, alongside Natalie Schlittler, the two-person team sets out daily with their goal of reducing the risk of injuries to Lynx athletes.

Part of that involves the use of Titan Trackers on outdoor activities. The trackers measure hundreds of different variables that allow coaches to see how to pace athletes and reduce injuries.

Started as a pilot a year ago, Scruggs aid they are attempting to get as many athletes as possible in the database to see what is “normal.”

“The trackers measure hundreds of different variables that allow coaches to see how to work practice and reduce injuries,” Scruggs said.  “The technology allows coaches and athletes to understand their bodies and know when to ease up and when to push themselves,” Scruggs said.

With the latest in equipment, Scruggs said they are able to facilitate with OrthoSouth if a player seriously injured. With emergency equipment available on campus, Lynx trainers are able to stabilize on site.

As a part of his job, Scruggs also sets the policy for heat or weather practice stoppage.

So what does a normal day look like for the Director of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trainers? You might be surprised how much time is spent outside of the training room.

  • Morning practice (includes helping athletes that are stretching, need taping or are rehabbing from an injury in place of practice)
  • After practice, goes over notes for individual athletes and their treatments.
  • Staffs the athletic room. This includes taking care of injured staff, students and family. According to Scruggs, this involves using a “concierge approach” to Lynx athletes, staff and families.
  • Afternoon setup for games/practices (setting out coolers on the field for home games)
  • Sweeping the field to make sure it is free from debris that could potentially injure athletes.
  • Setting up for the game/practice
  • Getting players ready for the game and then on the field covering the game.
  • Postgame involves cleaning up for the day.
  • Washing and restocking athletic medical equipment and getting ready for the following day.

Scruggs is also called on to act as administrator of the game sometimes, as well.

“High school athletes are fun to work with, Scruggs said. “Working with Lausanne students has been fun. Starting and building a program and working to be better on a yearly basis. Our standards are hardly standard.”

With expertise in prevention, emergency medicine, rehab and research, Scruggs and Schlittler also educate student-athletes on nutrition.

“I take very seriously my role as a licensed health care professional responsible for watching over these student-athletes while they are playing,” Scruggs said. “That also includes identifying places or instances where they can help prevent injuries before they happen.”

Those relationships developed on the field are a rewarding bonus for Scruggs, who said watching the student-athletes achieve their dreams is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

“I love the special relationships developed over time and seeing them go on to achieve goals has been an amazing experience,” Scruggs said. “To be a part of what we do involves having a service heart. Most of our days are helping others and I am just thankful to be a part of it.”

And Lausanne is thankful for both Marty and Natalie and all they do for Lausanne and the Lynx student-athletes.

Posted by Steven Russell at 08:10