The Middle School Science Experience
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The Middle School Science Experience

"Our Middle School science curriculum aims to engage our students in learning science concepts through hands-on and inquiry-based lessons," said Middle School Science teacher Brooke Hoffman. "Laboratory exercises are crucial in helping our students learn science process skills like making observations, asking questions, and interpreting data. These lessons also provide real-world connections allowing for a more meaningful learning experience."

Driven by our IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), Lausanne's Middle School science experience focuses on three extensive curriculum areas: Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. While exploring the subject, students immerse themselves in a collaborative and hands-on learning environment that challenges them to investigate and find answers in the world of science surrounding them.

When students transition from Primary Years Programme (PYP) science to MYP science in Fifth Grade, they start gaining an overall perspective on scientific inquiry and the experimentation and measurement process. Throughout Sixth Grade, the curriculum focuses on Geology, Weather, Climate and Space, while Seventh Grade highlights four core ideas: Molecules and organisms, ecosystems, Heredity and Biological evolution. By the time they reach Eighth Grade, middle schoolers begin preparing for Upper School physics and chemistry. At this stage, students are reintroduced to the scientific method, hypothesis method and experimental design with an emphasis on critical thinking and the peer-review process.

In addition to their core science curriculum, subjects are tied together thematically to encourage students' critical thinking skills and form cross-curricular projects while supporting a global approach in every grade level.

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