The Middle Years Programme in 10th Grade
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The Middle Years Programme in 10th Grade

It’s not often someone considers the mathematical probability of the existence of extraterrestrial life. But with the IB curriculum at Lausanne, questions stream from the minds of our students. IB learners strive to be inquirers, figuring out new ways to ask questions and find elusive solutions.  

In the final year of the MYP, sophomores are required to complete a capstone personal project that aligns with concepts and skills learned in the classroom, but is completely based on their own interest. The project can go in any direction, as long as it is appropriately challenging and achievable.  

“This capstone project offers a creative outlet with few boundaries for our 10th graders, and the reason a student chooses a project really should be because they were interested in it,” said Collin Libassi, teacher and head of the 10th grade personal project. “I met so many students who were eager to share their project ideas and proud of what they completed. That sense of accomplishment and learning is way more valuable than students realize at the outset.”  

By doing the personal project, the class of 2020 learned how to make a plan, take risks and to improve after failure.  

After completing the project, students write essays to reflect on their process and product, which is critical in helping them identify what went well, what didn’t and what they learned through the inquiry cycle.  

A personal project exhibition is held at the end of the school year, so our 10th graders have the opportunity to present their projects and show confidence in what they have completed.  

As for the results of the investigation into alien lifeforms conducted during the capstone?  

“The truth is out there,” says Mr. Libassi with a smile. 

*This article was also featured in the 2018 Fall Lausanne Magazine 

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