The Primary Years Programme in Pre Kindergarten
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The Primary Years Programme in Pre Kindergarten

This story gives an example of the Primary Years Programme our students are learning and is also featured in the Fall 2018 Lausanne Magazine. 

Smiles covered the faces of every Pre-Kindergartner as McGruff the crime-fighting dog entered the classroom.

“Welcome to Lausanne,” shouted a student, as the class erupted with chatter about the fluffy dog standing in front of them in a trench coat.

For Lausanne PK students, understanding the role of helpers in the community and instilling the belief that we all are helpers in some way is an integral part of their curriculum.

The PYP unit on how we organize ourselves in the community helps the PK class navigate the world of community helpers and to recognize different ways people contribute to a community.

Throughout the school year, the class of 2033 was introduced to real people who fill the roles of helpers in the community by inviting them into the classroom.

A firefighter and EMT stopped by with a firetruck for students to explore. A police officer accompanied McGruff to talk about “stranger danger” and how to stay safe in public. A nurse, doctor and pharmacist educated the students about what they do for a living and on staying healthy. The students also met a FedEx pilot, the Lausanne mail carrier and an employee from Muddy’s Bake Shop, along with Lausanne staff members.

“Our Pre-Kindergartners begin to see how they fit into the community and learn that even though the world is a big place, there are people all around to help them stay safe and feel comfortable,” said Peggy Boyd, Lausanne PK teacher.

Along with meeting helpers from the community, our PK students learned to organize themselves through dramatic play. By dressing in costumes and uniforms and acting out behaviors learned from people the students met, they were able to develop social and emotional skills which furthered their understanding of the community.