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The Primary Years Programme in Second Grade

To wrap up the first week of school, Lausanne second-graders brought the classroom outdoors with a fun-filled learning experience at Blue Heron Lake.

The students split into three groups, each rotating through stations as a kick-off to their first unit, Choices.

The stations included studying product labels on foods and how to choose healthy snacks, launching energy rockets using compressed air in plastic bottles and exploring Blue Heron Lake and the inhabitants of it on canoe rides.

Through the experiences of each station, the students learned how the choices we make impact each other, our resources and the environment.

The unit also provided teachers with the opportunity to display the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), which creates challenging and exciting settings to help develop the minds of young students.

“Our hope is that the children understand that our choices affect each other, our resources and our environment. This unit focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling, healthy choices for our bodies and the earth and renewable energy,” second-grade teacher Robin Fessler said.

The following week, the students combed Lausanne’s campus on a scavenger hunt, picking up discarded items while looking for ways to repurpose them for use within the classroom. Each of the tasks on the scavenger hunt gave the students an opportunity to be independent thinkers while encouraging them to be caring and knowledgeable.

“Our takeaway from today is that we hope the children understand that we live in a healthy world, and we need to take care of it,” Ms. Fessler said.

A neighborhood services manager for the city of Germantown also spoke with the students about the importance of recycling and the impact their choices have on others and the environment.

As the students headed back to the classroom, they discussed the experiences and the lessons learned during their time outdoors and how they applied to daily life.

Through this experience, students displayed the transdisciplinary themes of the PYP while also living out the tenants of The Lausanne Way.


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 14:59