The PYP in the 4th Grade
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The Primary Years Programme in the 4th Grade

This story was featured in the 2018 Fall Lausanne Magazine and gives an example of the PYP in the 4th Grade. 

Four students walked on stage and waited until the room was completely silent.

“Did you know that an average plastic bottle takes nearly 450 years to decompose?” a student asked with concern, as she and her classmates stood on stage in front of a full audience.

In the final year of the PYP, our 4th graders start working on a culminating project that showcases all of the skills, attitudes and learner profile traits that students have developed in Lower School.

The class of 2026 focused on the transdisciplinary theme of sharing the planet. Students discussed the importance of sharing earth’s resources and how our actions can impact other living things.

During the project, students formed groups based on issues about which they were passionate. Each group worked collaboratively with fellow students, teachers and mentors to perform an in-depth inquiry into the subject and to decide which action(s) should be taken to assist in resolving the problem.

“It was thrilling to see how engaged and excited students were to work on their projects each day,” said Jenna Toth, fourth grade teacher. One group was concerned about how pollution affects wildlife, and they worked together to create informative brochures and poster ads promoting awareness of the issue.”

Family, friends and Lower School teachers and students were invited to the culminating exhibition at the end of the year so our fourth-graders could showcase how hard everyone worked on the project. The exhibition experience left many students feeling empowered and confident to make the transition to the MYP.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 08:30