Third Grade Leads Game Show For Lower School Assembly
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Third Grade Leads Game Show For Lower School Assembly

The Lower School Assembly took on the look of a game show last Thursday as Lower School students participated in The “WHO WAS?” Show.

The activity, led by the third grade, allowed the students to showcase their current unit of study.

“This group of students spent weeks preparing to share what they had learned in class,” third-grade teacher Shelby Longfellow said. “Getting the opportunity to host an assembly again really seemed to make the kids more invested in the work they were doing leading up to the big day! I am so proud of how motivated they were!” 

Students had spent the past few weeks getting ready for the big day. During the course of preparation, students spent time learning about a variety of famous explorers from the past and present. They then divided up into groups, with each group learning facts about the explorer they were assigned. After learning the facts, they picked a handful to present to the rest of Lower School for the game. 

The third-grade students even dressed the parts, with students donning costumes of explorers like Marco Polo, Tenzing Norgay and Bessie Coleman among others. 

"Students spent time reading books, researching on websites, and collaborating with their groups in an effort to teach others on the day of the assembly,” third-grade teacher Cameron Hadskey said. “Learning the information this way not only helped them learn but also helped other students in the audience as they guessed their explorers." 

To see the live stream from the Lower School assembly, you can click here.
The “game show” portion starts at about the 20 minute mark.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:01