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Third-Graders Practice Geometry Skills In Unique Way

Third-grade students in Mrs. Miller's class started their geometry lesson using a new angle.

"Mirror With Words" is a teaching strategy that is part of whole brain instruction and encourages students to be actively engaged in the learning process. The lessons use motions and movements to help students make meaningful connections to vocabulary and were a perfect approach to introduce mathematical concepts.

"Many of my students shared some of our 'Mirror With Words' with their parents during our student-led conferences when they talked about what we have been learning," said Mrs. Miller. "I am always amazed at how meaningful pairing motions with words helps them retain new information. I also love any activity that gets them up and moving throughout learning." 

Students followed up the mirroring activity with a hands-on geometry lesson. As Mrs. Miller called out different three-dimensional shapes, the third-graders practiced their knowledge of the form by building it using spice drops and toothpicks. 

As part of the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Lower School math students continue to build on mathematical skills from the previous school year, practice skills and gain new skills through math centers. All activities are taught through large and small groups and partner games to practice skills and work one-on-one with their teacher. Topics covered include numeration, operations and computation, data and chance, measurement, geometry and patterns, functions and algebra.