Tips For Lausanne Learning At Home
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Tips For Lausanne Learning At Home

Lausanne Collegiate School began distance learning this week, and we have heard so many stories of teachers that have been hard at work providing the best learning experience possible for students across grade levels. 

The partnership between the school, students and our families is vital to make sure online learning is successful. All of us have a responsibility to support meaningful engagement in learning, including through virtual means. It also involves some changes in thinking as to how students approach the day. Here are some tips and tools to help identify specific actions that can be taken in support of both student and parent.

Create a Space

Sustained periods of virtual education are successful when students have a routine to follow and a space in which to work and learn. 

Ideally, your learning space should have:

  • A computer, iPad or another device when they are to meet with their teacher
  • Good lighting
  • Ready access to learning materials

When an online learning space is in a shared area like the kitchen table, a large kitchen counter, or a desk in a living room or family room, it also allows parents and guardians to readily support learning. 

Identify Your Objectives and Goals

To stay on track with your class, make sure that you always keep focused on what you hope to accomplish. Create notes that are closely related to your objectives, and make sure that you review them thoroughly every time you start an assignment so that you stay focused on your goals.

Consider starting with the tasks you find most difficult. This will improve both the effectiveness of your study and your performance, and give you more time to reach out to your teacher for help!

Build A Study Plan

A study plan is critical to online learning. Here are some tips:

  • Plan ahead. 
    Once you have an idea about daily time commitments, plan a schedule and stick to as predictable a daily routine as possible. Don't forget to include times for breaks and lunch!
  • Procrastination is the Enemy.
  • Like classes at school, never wait until the day before an assignment due date to start working on it. The stress tight deadlines creates will prevent you from effectively completing the online task. 
  • Have an effective calendar system. 
    Online learning needs structure. Create a study calendar that will help you remember all the important dates (exams, deadlines for submitting your assignments, etc.). You can save your calendar on your computer or in your mobile device or you can even create a wall planner, which you can mark up and check every time you study.
  • Create to-do lists. 
    At the start of each week, make a to-do list of the tasks you need to complete by the end of the week. This is an excellent way to prioritize your study plan and stay on track with your studying.
  • Set time limits: both minimum and maximum
    We all know that students can be tempted to zip through assignments to check it off the list. On the other hand, some students may spend much more time than they need to on a task. In both cases, the time they spend on an assignment will be reflected in their teacher's evaluation. Before you start studying, estimate how much time each task will take to complete, whether it is a specific assignment or simply reading a chapter, and dedicate a minimum and maximum amount of time to the job. If you're having trouble knowing how much time a task should take, reach out to the teacher to ask. Try to stick to your time limits, as this will help you develop your self-discipline. When you realize that despite your best efforts you cannot concentrate, consider stopping for an hour or for the night. It is better to wait until you are able to start afresh than to waste your time trying to focus.
  • Stay on schedule. 
    Stick to your study plan. Procrastination is the worst enemy of online learners, so make sure that you stay organized and you are not falling behind. If you are having difficulties submitting your assignments on time, contact your online course instructor and let them know so that they can help you create a consistent study routine. Remember, your Lausanne teachers are here for you. 

Ask For Help

While it may be constructive to look for answers to your online course-related questions independently, hesitating to contact your teacher when you are stuck may be problematic. If you do not ask for help when necessary, you may end up falling behind. This can lower your self-esteem, as you may not be able to keep up with the online coursework. Use the relationship with your instructor to avoid misunderstandings by contacting them regularly and letting them know how they can help you. Keep in mind that if you don’t ask for help when you need it, your instructor may never know that something is wrong.

Take Study Breaks

Your performance will decrease if you are feeling tired or frustrated while studying. Integrate some personal time into your study routine and you will be able to work more effectively on your online course goals.

When taking a break, make sure that you get away from your study space. You need to have a change of scenery.

A mild physical activity, such as a walk around the block, will help you maintain balance, renew energy, and go back to studying with a clear mind.

Stay Motivated

Finally, do not underestimate the effort needed to fully commit to your online course. To make sure that you stay motivated and engaged, consider following these tips:

  • Feel free to create your study routine at your own comfortable pace.
  • Decorate your study space with inspirational quotes and pictures.
  • Accept that you will have productive and less productive days.
  • Have healthy snacks nearby to boost your energy.
  • Reward yourself every time you complete a challenging task.
  • Make sure that you take some time for yourself from time to time.
  • Stay positive and keep your chin up.

Part of what makes Lausanne special is the community, and to help everyone stay connected while we are away from campus, we will continue to keep you updated via the website and our social media outlets.

You can also visit the Lausanne Parent Connections Facebook page to ask questions, see COVID-19 and campus updates, chat with the Lausanne community and find information broken down by grade level. 

We love you, Lynx! See you all online!