Lausanne Gymnastics Team Wins Multiple Awards At 2019 Turkey Tumble
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Lausanne Gymnastics Team Wins Multiple Awards At 2019 Turkey Tumble

The Lausanne Gymnastics Club tumbled their way around campus Saturday during the 2019 Turkey Tumble Meet.

The event was held in Lausanne's Main Gym and consisted of more than 100 competitors from Tennessee and Illinois, with gymnasts ranging from Level one to Level 10 and gymnasts from the Excel Bronze, Silver and Gold divisions. 

Seventeen Lausanne students competed in the meet, resulting in multiple awards and new records for the Lynx gymnastics team.

Zara Meyers '30 broke her personal record and scored a 9.85 on the balance beam and our Excel Bronze gymnasts had the highest team score of the meet with 111.35 points. 

"It was such a fun weekend," Lausanne gymnastics coach Patty Moore said. "The gymnasts, coaches and parents were excited to be hosting the first Turkey Tumble at Lausanne. The bronze and silver teams did an outstanding job, and we are looking forward to a great season."


Lausanne gymnastics participants:

Bianca Lima '31

Olivia Daisy Smith '31

Zara Myers '30

Zianne Versey '30

Ximena Risquez '30

Daria Clark '30

Sana Dhankhar '29

Melinda Geller '29

Sofia Lima '29

Jiya Shah '29

Eshal Chaudhry '28

Morgan McBride '28

Manuela Batalha '27

Maya Clark '27

Tahlia Hamze '27

Emily Bomar '26

Olivia Daisy Smith '31

View the scores for our Lynx gymnasts below or visit the Turkey Tumble wesbsite at:


Posted by Drew Smith at 17:04