Upper Middle School Students Create Elaborate Art Display
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Upper Middle School Students Create Elaborate Art Display

If you walk the halls of the Upper Middle School, you will find an elaborate exhibit of habitats on display as designed by seventh and eighth-graders.

Advanced art students in Lausanne’s Upper Middle School began their school year studying architectural design. Students viewed images of various homes and dwellings throughout history during class and were asked to utilize resources to create and design their own three-dimensional home.

“The students drew their designs on paper and built the three-dimensional buildings using cardboard, tape, and plaster strips,” Middle School Art teacher Passaro-Floyd said. “After applying the plaster, students were able to paint, decoupage paper and add paper clay to the surfaces to create the desired details.”

The students viewed colonial, medieval, contemporary and even fairy houses as inspiration for their artwork. The inspiration found in studying the many different styles is apparent by the wide range of colors and designs on display. The houses range from a covered wagon to an elaborate multi-storied Halloween-themed house that comes complete with its own lighting.

Upon completion, the students' creations were combined into an exhibit that is now on display on the second floor of the Upper Middle School. Lighting was added to emphasize each of the dwellings.

“Everyone is proud of their hard work,”  Passaro-Floyd said. “I cannot stress how much I appreciate the individuality in each of their designs.”

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 12:51