Upper School Counselor Creates Art With Junior Kindergartners
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Upper School Counselor Creates Art With Junior Kindergartners

Curious Junior Kindergartner’s sat in a circle as Mrs. Douglas set a blank canvas, paint and brushes on the floor in front of them.

Junior kindergartners are currently trying to connect with local artists. Because of this effort, JK teachers Ms. Roberson, Ms. Miller and Ms. Morrison decided to reach out to Upper School Counselor Samantha Douglas, who enjoys creating art in her spare time, to do an interactive art project with the students.

“We were so excited when we learned that we have a fabulous artist here on our very own Lausanne campus,” said JK teacher Carrie Miller.  “The children loved meeting Mrs. Douglas and asking her so many questions about her artwork and her process.”

Mrs. Douglas spent three days with the junior kindergartners creating the masterpiece, and taught the students the benefits of patience in art.

“At 4 and 5 years old our kids are used to finishing a piece of art in a flash,” said JK teacher Lindy Roberson. “We collaborated with Mrs. Douglass to make a colorful abstract piece, however, we had to learn that sometimes to make great art, you have to be patient.”

Through this experience, the JK students were able to make connections with artists they have learned about like Jackson Pollock, and different art techniques.

“Her artwork reminded our kiddos of Pollock’s splats which turned out to be her favorite part of her process,” said JK teacher Amy Morrison. “Mrs. Douglas then shared that her favorite artist was Van Gogh and the conversation carried on about “Starry Night” and small brush strokes.”

Mrs. Douglas was happy to volunteer her time to teach students about her art and to create memories with students she doesn’t get to see on a daily basis.

"I had the best time working with the JK students," said Mrs. Douglas. "They were so knowledgeable about art, which is such an incredible testament to Ms. Roberson, Ms. Miller and Ms. Morrison and they are doing in their classrooms! I had teachers who inspired me to pursue my passion with art, and I am so glad to be a part of the Lausanne community that does the same at all ages."