Upper School Design Agency Shares Projects And Goals With Lausanne Community
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Upper School Design Agency Shares Projects And Goals With Lausanne Community

Students in Upper School's Lausanne Design Agency (LDA) had the opportunity to share their current projects, and future goals for the organization with parents in this morning's LPC meeting. 

Organized by Upper School design teacher Todd Cowden, LDA is a new student-led "company" with a mission to provide creative solutions and new and innovative designs that amplify success for companies within the community.  

"I've been teaching design to high school students for a while now, and because of the talents students at Lausanne possess, I thought why wait until college to give them real-world experiences when they can do it now," Cowden shared. 

The students in LDA were hand-picked by Cowden because of the capabilities he saw in students during their time in his class or through a submitted portfolio review. 

"Choosing these students goes beyond a good grades standpoint and a working well with others standpoint, they are tremendously talented," Cowden said.

LDA member Sam Gary '25 videos a clip for a Tops training video. 

Since the launch of the LDA, the students have been very busy. Last school year, the organization had a soft launch, working with Tops Bar-B-Q to create training videos. The upper schoolers continued their work with the local bbq joint this year and have added other clients, including OrthoSouth. Additionally, the students have worked internally, designing the t-shirts for the upcoming Homecoming celebration and creating the graphics to promote the Upper School fall theatre production and Night of Broadway.

Visit the Lynx Store to purchase a homecoming t-shirt designed by LDA.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 12:35