Upper School Students Celebrate Annual Diversity Week
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Upper School Students Celebrate Annual Diversity Week

Upper School's Diversity and Inclusion Committee wrapped up this year's Diversity Week extravaganza with an epic talent show that featured performances with an international flair.

Each spring, a week-long celebration is held to observe Lausanne's diverse and global community through various cultural learning experiences. This year kicked off with an International Foods taste testing hosted by the students in the Exploring Culture Through Food Club, followed by a day designated for students to dress in the traditional clothing of their culture in addition to the talent show. 

"Many students look forward to Diversity Week each year because it is a fun way for students to share their identities with their classmates and develop our knowledge and understanding of the world as a community," Diversity and Inclusion Committee President Ariyana Muesse '22 shared.

See more pics from Diversity week on our Facebook page and check out this year's talent show performers below:

Students Suhani Koka '22 and Ariyana Muesse '22 and faculty and staff members Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Delgado, Mrs. Gray, Dr. Hodges and Mrs. Carlton take the stage for a collaborative Bollywood dance performance.

Skylar Harts '22 belts out a song in Mandarin.

Annabella Tian '22, Mary Lee Fontana '22, Sophia Holland '22, Krystal Su '23, Hanna Hu '23, Andrea Hyunh '23, Samatha Castillo '25, Birou Kong '25 and Sarah Przybyszewski '25 showcase a K-POP dance routine.

Krystal Su '23 performs a dance solo.

Shromona Malhotra '24 shares her piano and singing talents with a Mitski song.

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