Upper School Students Celebrate Senior-Freshmen Week
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Upper School Students Celebrate Senior-Freshmen Week

Upper School students dashed into Shockey Hall to escape the rain and to avoid dampening the gift bags that hung from most of their wrists.  

“I have your favorite donuts,” shouted a gleeful freshman as she made her way into the building and spotted her senior partner from across the hall.

Traditions are an important part of The Lausanne Way, and during Senior-Freshman week, students have the opportunity to show appreciation for one another through the custom of collegial relationship building and fostering a support system. 

Senior-Freshman week is an opportunity for seniors to welcome freshmen to high school and to help them feel included in the traditions and spirit of the Upper School family.

Each day during the celebrated week offers a different theme. Students get to bring breakfast and gifts to each other, spend a couple of days dressing like one another and have the opportunity to eat lunch together.

“It is a celebration of the seniors’ final year and a reminder to freshmen to make the most of the next four years because high school passes quickly,” senior class dean Brenda Robinette said.