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Upper School Students Showcase The Power Of The Written Word

Lausanne Upper School students competed over the weekend in the WordSmith Writing Olympics and returned home with five ribbons. 

The competition is a tournament all about writing. Students compete in a variety of events, earning prizes and progressing successively on to the next round. 

The regional competition, held at the University of Memphis, includes students from the ninth through the twelfth grades. 

Lausanne's team was coached by Dr. Wade Linebaugh and Ms. Rashanda Williams and was the biggest Wordsmith team in years. 

Four of the students went on to compete in the main event and overall five students captured ribbons in the following:

  • Margo Perugini, 9th grade, Honorable Mention, 120-Word Dash
  • Philipp Meibohm, 9th grade, 1st Place, 40-Word Dash
  • Brinnan Lawson, 10th grade, 3rd Place, 80-Word Dash
  • Anwesha Satapathy, 11th grade, Honorable Mention, 120-Word Dash
  • Ved Dalal, 11th grade, 2nd place, 120-Word Dash

"The Lynx WordSmith team cheered each other on, celebrating the power and skill of writing," Linebaugh said. "Mornings of practicing as a team and reading each others work paid off as they each faced down writing prompts that demand quick-fire writing skills and unwavering clarity. Students at WordSmith learn valuable writing skills while flexing creative muscle, all in an atmosphere that celebrates writers."

Four of those students are waiting to see if they win a prize in the long-essay portion. They will find that out at the end of the week.