Upper Schoolers Channel Memphis Photographer
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Upper Schoolers Channel Memphis Photographer

Upper School photography students recently had the opportunity to channel famous Memphis photographer William Eggleston in a project that challenged their creative abilities. 

Students explored the photographer's technique before heading outdoors for "photo walks" to take photos of what inspired them, using the methods they learned.  

"The goal for students was to capture photographs that used their knowledge of the artist but also connected them to their own life experiences, value system and memories," said Upper School Visual Design teacher Michael Naya. 

Once the students captured a photo that exhibited naturalistic contrast, various color schemes and formulas, they uploaded their work to a self-designed magazine or blog article. 


Upper Schoolers wrapped up the project by playing the role of "Art Critic" while writing and designing art critique articles about their own work done in the tradition of the local artist. 

"This project allowed them to critique their skills the way an artist would in the real world by examining, describing and analyzing their work," Naya said. "Assignments like this really push their creative boundaries and help sharpen their photography skills. 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:00