Upper Schoolers Connect With Penpals in Madrid
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Upper Schoolers Connect With Penpals in Madrid

At Lausanne, we love when students use the skills they built in the classroom to make connections in their communities, throughout the country and across the globe.

This year, upper schoolers in Spanish II HL have had the opportunity to take their knowledge of the Spanish language beyond Lausanne's campus all the way to Spain by connecting with penpals in Madrid. 

"In the past, students had various opportunities to practice their Spanish in real-life scenarios through international trips with Lausanne, but with today's environment, the chance to travel abroad is slim," said Upper School IB HL Spanish teacher Chary Jara. "I still wanted them to be able to communicate with other students from Spain while practicing their writing and speaking at the same time."

To ensure students could continue to correlate with others in Spanish, Ms. Jara reached out to her friend Carolina Larrumbe, a former Lausanne teacher currently working at a private school in Madrid, Spain, about forming a penpal program between the classes.

Through this arrangement, the Upper schoolers connected through email with students from the co-ed school, Colegio Liceo Sorolla. Communicating using only Spanish, Lausanne students have shared with their penpals experiences ranging from their school lives, daily routines, pastimes and social media.

Now that students have had the chance to bond, many of them even keep in touch outside of the classroom using platforms like Facetime, WhatsApp and texting.

"It is so great that my students have been able to make international connections using the language skills they've built in the classroom," said Ms. Jara. "They are very excited about it and love having a friend abroad."


Lausanne student's penpals from Colegio Liceo Sorolla in Madrid, Spain.