Upper Schoolers Create Experimental Short Films
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Upper Schoolers Create Experimental Short Films

Upper School students had the opportunity to express themselves creatively when they demonstrated their artistic talents through a video design project. 

The students produced experimental short videos as a part of their IB Programme summative. The project incorporated all the skills they've learned from this term, including continuity editing, parallel editing, phantom shots, skip editing and video transitions. 

Along with testing their knowledge of these skills, the upper schoolers' work had to portray a film-version of abstract art by incorporating an experimental, radical or unorthodox approach. This method is often referred to as "avant-garde," and students used this as a reference to create videos that would challenge the viewer's senses.

"I am so happy that this coursework is available to Lausanne students to enjoy their creative energy," said Upper School teacher Michael Naya. "I believe that imagination is the key that unlocks the mind to invent our future – and that art courses are integral to unlocking the imagination of young minds."

Check out some of their videos below: 


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:08